Pamela Anderson Strips to Launch a Boutique Line of Vegan Shoes

Pamela Anderson Strips to Launch a Boutique Line of Vegan Shoes

Pamela Anderson Strips to Launch a Boutique Line of Vegan Shoes

With a perfectly toned body and attractive brunette wig, Pamela Anderson, one of the popular spokes models, looked young in the series of nude images that were taken by an ace photographer for Paper magazine. She was modeling thePammies’ an eclectic range of vegan shoes designed by French footwear designer, Amélie Pichard.

As an animal lover, she wore vegan shoes that means no animal were slaughtered for making any part of the shoe. 10% of all sales of the shoes will be given to her charity, Pamela Anderson Foundation. She said that she wanted to be a part and contribute to beauty and fashion which is completely free from cruelty towards animals. She believes in an environment that is safe for animals to thrive and grow which is the reason that she is a strong activist for PETA and has done a number of advertising campaigns that have left a mark on the consumers.

Ms. Anderson added that celebrities are not designers and she didn’t even like the word celebrity as people become one quickly in the social media channels for no reason. She did say that being an activist was satisfying and fun.

The sexy and chic collection of the shoe range has seven differently styled shoes including open-toe pumps, slingbacks, see-through heels and more.  Anderson said that the line of shoes was inspired by the 90s and has plexiglass heels, silver glitter soles and patchwork denim details. The price of the vegan shoes ranges from $450 to $950 and are only available exclusively at the Opening Ceremony in L.A.

While launching the line in nude, Anderson was of the view that compassion as a vegan is sexy and being a man or woman is fun. And that it was her idea to have the glitter soles. She said “I always came home with the soles covered with glitter and as all my friends are creative artists; we always juggle with crafts and art.”

Her amazing and unique nude shoot gave a whole new dimension and publicity to the Pammie shoe range. Although vegan shoes are the latest fad, vegan clothing have been in vogue for years. If you are looking to understand what it entails, it means that no part of any animal skin, feather or byproducts is used in making of the shoes or clothing. This includes feathers, wool, leather and skin of any animal.

Most vegans are strong PETA supporters and that is why they are against raising animals for food or clothing as they are bred for the purpose and slaughtered early in their life. Irrespective of whether it is wool or feathers, there is some harm and pain that the animal endures to provide the products and that is why vegans avoid any and all products that bring about distress to the animals. To protect animals, you need to avoid exploiting them in the name of fashion and that is why Anderson decided to promote vegan shoes for her friend. She has been a supporter and activist for PETA for years. It reflects in her choice of products that she endorses.

And the fact is that if you don’t want to play a part in the animal product based fashion choices, it is best to select cotton, linen and hemp fabrics. Additionally, synthetics like rayon, faux wool and silk work for vegan clothing. Many of the mainstream brands offer a range of products that cater to the vegan lifestyle, but you might need to ask them or read the labels. You need to see “all manmade materials” or “no animal products used” on the labels or ask the store sales people.

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