Vagabond Vegan shoe Production

Vegan Shoe Range Released by Shoe Company Vagabond

Animal free products are really starting to take off, with faux leather, faux suede, non animal glues, and other materials that make it easier for people who are conscious of animal cruelty to choose a vegan shoe.  The latest brand to release a range of vegan shoes is Vagabond.   Their shoes are also eco-friendly and assist in keeping the planet clean and toxic free.  Being conscious of our material consumption is something that we must all be aware of in this ever toxic world.

In order to achieve this feat of shoe engineering Vagabond have replaced leather with synthetic materials.  They have gone for PVC free fabric packed polyurethane which gives a nice feel to the touch.  The insoles are made from cork which also lets the foot breath.  The glue is produce from scratch without the use of meat or fish extracts as is usual with other shoes.  The finishing touches are also taken in to consideration, for instance the waxes used for shining are all plant based.

Non Animal is a result of an increased demand from customers across our markets. Some of our
target audience is actively seeking an alternative to leather, which we want to embrace. We believe in awareness of consumption behavior and an openness to alternative materials in the future

- Anna Fahle Björcke, Brand Manager at Vagabond

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There are 12 different vegan shoe options to choose from.  Each one had the Vagabond style and feel yet are totally animal free.  Just slipping one of these pairs of shoes on will make you feel special as you walk knowing you have made a conscious decision to stop exploiting animals.

There are more and more shoe companies supplying a vegan shoe range which is a good indicator that vegan apparel is on the increase.  It is definitely a market that should be closely monitored as these companies compete with each other to capture the vegan market. Other companies producing a vegan shoe range are  TOMS, Amélie PichardEtnies and Esprit.

You can find the Vagabond Vegan Shoe Range here.

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