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Can I Really Lose Weight by Taking Up Yoga?

A lot of times, you might wonder if you can lose weight by taking up yoga. Yoga might seem so non energetic unlike lifting weights and other exercises one can undergo in a gym. But you couldn’t be further away from the truth. Yoga can help you lose weight in so many ways, read about the Gluconite reviews. In this article, you will learn the various ways by which yoga can help you to lose weight. The psychological and the physical parts are covered in this article.

The Psychological Aspect

There are so many psychological benefits of taking up yoga that will help you to lose weight. Yoga connects with your soul, your mind and your body. It keeps them all in sync, so you drop negative habits that make you overweight. In this section, the psychological ways by which yoga can help you lose weight are enumerated.

Yoga helps to release your emotions

There is an emotional aspect to gaining and losing weight. A lot of time, people resort to unhealthy eating when they are feeling sad or at difficult periods of their life. Food becomes a tool that is used to suppress feelings. These feelings become stuck in the body.

But when you undertake yoga, you get to release all these pent-up feelings. You feel emotionally lighthearted and you feel much better. Yoga connects you with your inner power so you’ll become courageous and you’ll feel confident enough to tackle any problem.

With time, you won’t want to eat unhealthy things to fill up the emptiness in you. You’ll start to crave healthy foods.

Yoga relaxes you

Excess stress can make you overweight say Biotox. If you are wondering how biotox gold customer reviews can help you understand the process and the success rate. But when you start yoga, you become relieved of the stress in your life. Yoga helps you relax and reconnect with yourself. The various poses will stretch your body, help you breathe deeper and reinvigorate you. Your mind begins to clear. Within a few weeks, you start to see changes in your body.

Yoga awakens your soul

When you take up yoga, you get a deeper connection with your soul. You become in touch with your spiritual nature and life becomes more meaningful. You get a desire to get rid of destructive habits. You stop eating until you are overfull. You get the urge to stop taking alcohol and other substances that contribute to your weight gain. You realize that bad habits are not good for your soul. You begin to do things that please your soul. You realize that a pure body and mind pleases the soul.

You begin to see the world from the point of view of your soul. You no longer allow your body or your selfish urges lead you. You identify with your soul and become one with it. You become tuned in to the spiritual nature in you. You feel detached from the destructive inner voice in you. Within a short while, you will get breathtaking weigh loss results that will astonish you.

The Physical Aspect

The previous aspects of this article focused on the psychological ways by which yoga can help you to lose weight. Here, you will learn how some yoga poses can help you to physically lose weight and keep you in good health.

Yoga has lots of asanas or postures with a large number of sequences that will help you lose weight. You can burn as much as 600 calories for every hour of power yoga and vinyasa flow. This is as much as the number of calories burned in an hour at the gym!

All the poses will also help you to detoxify your body. Detoxification of the body gets rid of junk in the body and helps you to lose weight. Yoga has a lot of breathing practices that will help you to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate the inner organs of your body. The different breathing exercises will help you increase metabolism and the heart rates.

Yoga will increase your flexibility, twist the body in various positions and open up rusted muscles thereby bringing about weight loss.

The following are a few yoga poses that can help you to lose weight.

Veerabhadrasana or The Warrior Pose

The Warrior pose involves you starting with the mountain pose followed by stretching one of the legs backwards and taking the other leg into a lunge like position with your knee at a right angle and the hands stretched right above the head. This pose could also be elongated to the veerabhadrasana II or warrior pose II. The pose works on your thighs, arms, legs and back. It also improves the circulation of blood in the body.

Purvottanasana or Upward Plank

This pose is the opposite of a conventional push up. In this pose, you sit with your legs stretched in front of you. Then you put your hands at the back of your hips pointing towards your feet. Then you prepare your body to rise up and you point your feet. From the tailbone, you raise your body and you pull your head back.

This asana works on the shoulders, back, spine, wrists and arms. It also fortifies the muscles. Your legs, hips and inner thigh muscles will benefit from this pose. The pose is also good for your respiratory system.

The Boat Pose

This pose is perfect for burning belly fat. You lie down on your back and you go to a V-shaped position just like a boat. Hold this position for about 8 seconds and increase the time duration daily. Your stomach muscles will feel taut, and you might experience some discomfort. But in no time, that belly fat will vamoose.


Yoga is a very effective means of losing weight. It helps you to lose weight physically and psychologically. You will be in sync with your body and your soul, you’ll eat healthier and you’ll relax more. Plus, yoga works naturally so there are little or no side effects unlike some other weight loss methods. You can start from simple poses, then you can move on to Bikram yoga, Ashtanga yoga and other highly intensive yoga styles.

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