Crow Pose - Bakasana

Arm Strength10
Core Strength8
Energy Flow8.5
You can go many places after this so worth the practice if you have the desire! If not, open legged child's pose is also lovely and gives a similar pose without the balance!

Crow Pose - Information

There are different variations of Crow Pose and I giggle a little to myself when I see strict instructions for this one as let me tell you this. You will be totally impressed with yourself for getting into an arm balance AT ALL so don't worry yourself about if your arms are bent or straight or if you don't quite resemble a bird at first. Congratulate yourself for the courage for having a go at this joyful and somewhat frightening posture!

Yoga is not about making shapes that make people gasp. That can be fun but often involves the ego which is something we are trying not to attach ourselves to in yoga. So if you can't or don't wish to do this pose, then don't do it. No-one will accuse you of being rubbish at yoga, except maybe you, and if that is the case you can work on self-empowerment instead of trying to balance on your arms.

The below are my instructions - as I would guide my students into the posture safely and not too seriously! If at home, have some cushions strategically placed around you and never lift very high from the floor - it's not as far to fall! If you do this right you will NOT fall on your face as you will be moving with complete care.

Crow Pose - Instructions Step by Step

Step One

Get over your fear . Yes. Seriously!

Step Two

Come into a squat. If you can't, then practice your squat. A frog squat ideally, feet apart, knees turned out.

Step Three

Plant the hands down infront of you, at least shoulder width apart. Bend the arms and create a shelf with the upper arms for the legs to gently lean against.

Step Four

GRADUALLY shift the weight forwards, squeezing the legs to the arms. Don't lift high, just shift slightly forwards. Maybe come onto tiptoes. Play with this, going back and forth, yet never so far forward you topple. Find the balance in your own time. Breathe with it. Trust it. If you fall, laugh at it.



  • Strengthens the arms and shoulders
  • Tones the tummy
  • Strengthens the back
  • Improves inner thigh tone
  • Improves focus and determination
  • It's loads of fun


Just be careful if you have wrist or shoulder issues.

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