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Vegan Dr. Marten 1B99 Boots

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Vegan Dr Marten 1B99 Boots - Our Review

We all need to hound Dr Martens to get more of these 1B99 vegan boots out there! I was very keen to get my feet in a pair and ended up buying mine from the US which I was a bit miffed about due to the carbon footprint of having them sent over to the UK. I just couldn't find any here in red and that was what I'd been after and I'm a sucker for getting my own way sometimes. I emailed a few companies to be told they no longer stock the vegan variation. Yet hurrah! There are a few places to now get them without the air miles, just a few mind!

These are listed as Vegan Dr Martens 1B99 Cherry Red Boots and knowing I was reviewing them I looked up some sources for you to get your hands - sorry - feet - on a pair. Ebay is a good source and I have found the red ones there. Black are easier to get hold of and of course the shorter boots and shoes are much easier to find. Yet, if like me, you have hopes of grabbing these lovely long fella's then stick with me and if you spot any, my advise is don't linger!

These boots are comfortable (yet need wearing in just a little), have not yet acquired any marks or signs of real wear and I have had over a year and wear quite a bit. I have never officially polished them with polish and they look spankingly clean - note I have wiped them with a wet cloth a few times after a walk in the woods! They look great with every item of clothing I own from jeans to dresses, leggings, shorts and anything else! They also bring about serious bouts of envy so be ready for ....'I just need your boots'.


Specificationvegan dr martens sole

  • Low Heel
  • Zip fastening
  • Synthetic
  • Mid Calf Boots
  • Long wearing


I sourced mine for £89.99 with free shipping which was an amazing deal! I can't find that for you now but I have found 5 pairs for sale on Ebay for £113 with free shipping, and if you are super quick I have found one pair for £95.99 also on Ebay - it isn't worth adding links as likely they will be gone but look there under Dr Marten Vegan 1B99 boots or just Dr Marten 1B99 and see what you find - you may be able to get some under £100 and if you do, go for it!


These vegan boots are durable, always trendy and feel empowering and joyful to wear. You feel like you can take on the world in these boots! Great for demos too! I might just now have to save up for a black pair as well!

You can get the Cambridge Brush version here : Dr Martens Women's Vegan 1B99 Cambridge Brush ( Cherry Red)

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