Cobra Pose - Bujangasana

Flexibilty of the back8.2
Chest Stretch7.4
Abdominal Organ Toner8.2
Anxiety Relief8


Cobra Pose - Information

A wonderful back bend to help improve the flexibility of the upper spine and also stretch out the muscles across the chest. Poses such as as Cobra which help to open the chest and lungs are particularly good for anyone who may experience breathing difficulties such as asthma.

This posture can be experienced very gently by just lifting slightly or by straightening the arms more can be taken much deeper to challenge the more experienced practitioner.

The Cobra pose resembles a serpent and is believed to destroy disease within the body by generating heat internally.


Cobra - Instructions Step by Step

Step 1

From Advasana, relaxation on the abdoman.

Bring the feet and legs together, palms on the floor underneath the shoulders, arms tucked in close to the body with the elbows pointing up towards the ceiling.

Step 2

Bring the forehead to the floor and with and inhale lengthen the back of the neck and slowly roll up one vertebrae at a time.

Step 3

Breathe naturally as you feel your body releasing deeper into the stretch, the chest expanding and arch deepening.


Flexibility of the Upper Spine

Toning of abdominal organs

Releases nervous energy in the spinal column

Relieves back fatigue


Back or wrist injuries, pregnancy

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