NLP Processes

The Depth of Experience.

experience: The apprehension of an object, thought, or emotion through the senses or mind.

Everyday we are subjected to many different inputs from sounds, colours, thoughts, feelings, touch, and many more. We take most of these for granted otherwise we would forever be stopping in every moment to be become fully aware of the experience. Our perception of every moment can have has much depth as we allow it using simple mindfullness and by becoming aware of what is happening in that moment. Even in the most difficult moments we can become aware of the depth of this experience. This is a gift. One that cannot be stored in memory to be recalled later as this is no longer has the depth of the original experience.

Some people meditate on past experiences in order to recall many of the senses from their memory. By stepping through each of the senses and recalling them in turn you are able to recall a memory with a depth unlike a normal memory recall.

There is also an NLP process that is great for really embodying each minute part of a past experience. This can also be used to change past memories so that they no longer have a negative impact on us. We store traumatic experiences with hooks in to our fear response network. Once our negative memories have been changed in to lighter memories they no longer trigger our fear response. This can cause huge shifts in levels of confidence as anxiety literally disappears in a whole host of real life situations that used to activate these triggers.

We are in possession of an amazing bio computer. If we take the time to use it to its full potential and do some mental housekeeping we can continually clean away all the negativity from the past.

This leaves us a clearing to create those things that really inspire us. For instance, last week I recalled all the memories I could where I was experiencing someone shouting at me. I looked at how it made me feel in that moment. I recalled as much about each memory as I could. I was able to see each memory from a third person view, for example as if I was watching on a movie screen. This removes any emotional hooks to the memory. I then remind myself that I am safe, I am here, and I am well.

By using this simple process you can literally reduce the amount of baggage that may be holding you back. Imagine if you did this practice every day, say on the tube, or at lunch, or while sitting in the park. Imagine how many negative neural pathways you could alter within a couple of weeks.

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