Lozzs Wellness Store - Cheshire

lozzimageName: Lozz Starseed

Service: Natural Remedies

Location: Cheshire, UK


Tell us about your journey and how you go to where you are today?

After researching Candida since 2004, I have been very interested in health and have found that food and many supplements today are not pure, often heavily processed and contain Monosodium Glutamate, Triethanolamine, Parabens, Magnesium Stearate and other undesirable ingredients.
I learned about the dangers of Fluoride so I decided to make my own Bicarbonate of Soda toothpowder… and that is really how it began.

My products are homemade and natural,  made with organic ingredients.

All products in my store are free from artificial chemicals, additives, bulking agents, and preservatives.
No ingredients are ever sourced from China… I am very careful where I source my raw materials and try and buy local wherever I can, and because I take my own products, I care about my own health as well as everyone else’s.

What is the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome?

The powers that be try to stop people from making their own treatments and selling them, this is because it threatens the business of big pharma, as they cannot patent nature. Natural remedies are a threat to them.

What are your goals, or what projects are you working on?

My goals are to help people with their health and to wake them up to real health.

What does consciousness mean to you?

Being aware of what is around us.

Tell us about your field of Expertise.

I have been researching natural health for over 10 years and it is important to me and for us all in this day and age where we are bombarded with GMO's and chemicals that destroy the environment are are not good for us.