Warrior Pose (one) - Virabhadrasana

Chest Stretch8
Shoulder Stretch8
Leg Strength8.5
Anxiety Relief8.6
Deep Empowerment

Warrior Pose (one) - Information

Don't let the name warrior pose confuse you.  There is nothing aggressive about this pose.  All yogis are spiritual warriors and so this pose lives up to its name as you will feel when completing this pose.  It gives you a sense of inner strength and power.  It is a great way to empower yourself before an important meeting or dinner date.  Our inner self can be our worst enemy and negative harbinger at times and that is why this is also a great pose for freeing yourself of all the mental clutter.  The is a level 1 pose and suitable for most beginners.

Its Sanskrit name is Virabhadrasana I.  It is the first of 3 warrior poses.  It has many benefits which include the stretching of the neck, shoulders,  stomach, legs and chest. It is also a great strengthener of the back, arms and shoulders as well as working the thighs, ankles and calves.

It is not recommended that you do this pose if you suffer from heart or blood pressure problems.  Be aware that your shoulders will be at a stretch so be mindful of any injuries.  If you have neck problems then don't look up at the hands, instead look straight ahead.

Warrior Pose (one) - Instructions Step by Step

Step 1

From mountain pose, exhale and step your feet apart with one foot going forward and the other going behind you.  Lift your arms above your head with hands together and point your little fingers towards the ceiling.  This will bring your shoulder blades into play so press them into your back and down towards your tail bone.

Step 2

With your front foot turn it out by 45 degrees and with your back foot turn it out 90 degrees.  They should never be pointing away from each other.  Both heels should be aligned.  Now turn your hips so that they are square on.

Step 3

Next comes the knee bend.  On the exhale bend your knee on the front leg over the heel of the same leg.  Your lower leg should be at a right angle to the floor.  This will give the back of your legs a good stretch.

Step 4

Continue to reach up through your arms and really feel the stretch up your stomach and chest and the stretch from the back leg and up your back.  If you are able lean your head back at look at your hands.


  • Shoulder Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • Chest Stretch
  • Empowering
  • Relief from Anxiety


It is not advisable to try this pose if you suffer from heart or blood pressure problems.  Also, refrain from tilting the head back if you have a neck injury.


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