Locust Pose - Salabaasana

Lower back strengthener8.4
Leg strength7.1
Back flexibility8.9

Locust - Information

This is a great pose for strengthening and toning the lower back muscles. There are many variations for this pose to suit all levels of students as well as comfort. Play with the different hand and arm positions and tune into how your body feels, how much energy you have and what feels the most comfortable and steady for your body.

The advanced version certainly does resemble the small insect but all levels offer a beautiful release of energy to the entire system.

If the full pose is too much, take a more gentle half Locust and lift one leg at a time. Focus on lengthening each leg before lifting and keeping the pelvis centred.



Locust - Instructions Step by Step

Step 1

From Advasana, relaxation pose on the abdomen. Bring the feet and legs together, extend the chin on the floor. Gently rock the body from side to side to place the arms underneath the body. Have the elbows as close together as possible. The hands facing up, down or make fists.

Step 2

Extend both legs away from the hips and on an inhale raise both legs whist keeping them straight and close together.

Step 3

Keep extending through the legs feeling the lengthening of the legs and the strengthening of the lower back muscles whilst maintaining the breath.


Strengthening of the lower back muscles

Flexibility of the lower back

Relief of constipation

Enhanced lung elasticity


Back Injuries, pregnancy


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