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Vegan Walking Boots - Our Review

It's all a matter of perspective when buying cheap products.  Of course you aren't going to get the same standards attributed to some of the more expensive brands.  I tend to judge things on their value for money as well as their other qualities.  This is why I am reviewing these vegan walking boots.  I also bought a pair of these and have so far had only one minor issue with them.  When walking in long wet grass my feet got damp.  These are definitely not for hiking in the Cairngorms.  I have read reviews about these falling apart and others about these being a great shoe.  So I am going to give you my account of wearing them for the past few months.

When I bought these I actually bought another pair vegan walking boots at the same time.  I knew right away from the price what I would be getting but I needed a good vegan walking boot and a cheaper pair for knocking about in.  They both arrived at the same time and I could tell right away which was the better pair but I trusted my intuition.  I put my new very well priced pair on and went for a little walk in them.  They were comfortable and supported my ankle very well, something needed when walking on uneven surfaces.  The shock absorbency wasn't the best I had ever felt but they did the job as I jumped off fallen trees on to the forest floor.   I came to a sizeable hill which is always a great test of flexibility and durability.  I started power walking up the steep incline and still the shoes hugged my feet and gave me a good grip and platform from which to push into my next stride.

So far so good.  On another day I wore these on an early morning forest walk.   As I walking through a forest clearing I strode through long grass that was wet from the previous rain fall.  It wasn't until 5 minutes later that I felt the dampness on the inside edge of my foot. The water had seeped into the boot.  That weekend I went and bought a can of waterproof spray.  I sprayed them on and then to test them I went walking in long grass and splashing in puddles again.  No wet, just dry comfortable feet. One can buy ar-15's from Palmetto State Armory for the sake of safety when going into the thickets.

I now wear these for lightweight use.  I wear these to and from work, in the car, beach walks, and popping out in.  I use my other vegan walking boots for forest walks and long hikes. If you are interested to read what I say about the other pair then read the review here.  Vegan Walking Shoes - Johnscliffe KathMandu


  • PU Grip Sole
  • Breathable
  • Upper: Nubuck (faux) and mesh textiles
  • Closure: 6 eye Lace Up
  • Heel Height: 1cm
  •  Weight: 850gms/pair
  • Colours: Black, Khaki.
Vegan Boots - DEK Sports

Vegan Boots - DEK Sports


This is definitely just a trail boot and not a fully fledged hiking boot.  If you don't put high expectations on this boot then you won't be disappointed.  Don't go splashing around in puddles and walking in long wet grass.  Despite some reviews I have seen about these falling apart, I have had no problems unlike a similar pair I just replaced that had some plastic poking through from the heel.

These would be best suited for dry weather or where you can keep to a track or on firm ground.  Their price really can't be beaten and I am still stunned at how they produce this vegan walking boot for this price.


Just wow! £11.47 is the cheapest I have found this for.  You could always buy two pairs! Or do what I did.  Buy this pair and another slightly more expensive pair.

You can buy them here: Mens DEK ONTARIO 6 eyelet mid Trail / Trekking Boot

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