Johnscliffe Kathmandu vegan Walking Shoes Brown Navy

Vegan Walking Shoes - Johnscliffe Kathmandu Brown Navy

Value for Money9.6

Vegan Walking Shoes - Our Review

I had been after a new pair of vegan walking boots for some time.  The problem that I have come across in the past with vegan walking shoes or boots meant for durability is that they either don't last very long or they have some annoying little flaw.  For instance, one pair started to come away at the heel, revealing a sharp plastic edge that was part of the heel support. I have to use a knife to cut the plastic away as it was cutting into my foot.  Another pair that I bought recently made my feet slightly damp when walking through long wet grass.

The saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice.  Well that can certainly be the case with some vegan walking shoes.  But you don't always get what you pay for.  Sometimes you get more than you expected.  Being on a budget I didn't want to spend too much money especially as I'd just bought an amazing pair of vegan chainsaw boots for £130.  So I did a little search and I found these.  I had never heard of Johnscliffe before but I am very happy that I now know about their vegan walking shoe.  For the small price of £36 you can relax and know you are getting a great product.

I've been wearing these for a few months now and I live in a forest so I can tell you they have taken all sorts of punishment.  Mud, rain, shale, clay, bracken mulch, I've been through it all.  I've even started wearing them out cycling.  They keep my feet dry and feeling very secure.  The soles appear to be very hard wearing and give my feet the feeling of being very well supported.

The upper part of the shoe feels firm but flexible.  It has 6 eyelets for the robust laces to pass through.  There is a pull tag on the back of the shoe to assist in pulling the shoe on although I don't use it as they slip on perfectly.  There is also a pull tag on the tongue which I also don't use.  Some vegan walking shoes have that annoying habit of letting the tongue slip inside the shoe as you pull them on to your feet,  Not with these.

The shoe not only lets your feet breath but they also keep you dry using Jontex technology.  The upper is made from faux Nubuck and Nylon.  Nubuck is usually suede but this is a vegan friendly walking shoe.  The sole is made from Phylon which is also known as MD.  It is more advanced than the EVA soles as Phylon provides great cushioning, flexibility, and it is lightweight.  It's like EVA times two.

The lining of the shoe is soft and comfortable and still lets your feet breath.  If you have fallen arches or other feet problems you can easily fit your own in shoe soles.


  • Waterproof & Breathable
  • Height of Heel: 1cm
  • Sole: Rubber/Phylon
  • Nubuck (faux suede)/Nylon mesh upper
  • Lace up fastening
  • Weight:  910 grams / pair
  • Colour: Navy, Grey and Brown


I whole heartedly recommend these vegan walking shoes to anyone that is looking for a walking shoe or boot that is lightweight, waterproof, durable, and stylish. It doesn't matter if you are an occasional trekker or you like to get outdoors on a weekly basis, this is not only great for walking but it is also flexible enough to wear around town or even wear in the back garden.


The price varies quite a lot as this is a very popular shoe and can be found across the internet.  However, Amazon have plenty of retailers selling this at rock bottom prices, I have no idea how they are making any profit.   You can buy this today for £35.70.  That's a real deal.
Johnscliffe Kathmandu Walking Shoes Brown Navy 6

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