Ley lines

Sacred Stones and Ley Lines: Invisible Connection?


There is always more to it than what meets the eyes. Our ancestors were familiar with more things than what we think we know today. With our logical reasoning and technological bent of mind, people refer to energy lines as anomalies. In ancient times, ley lines, energy grids and sacred stones were known for their energy sources, worshipped as Nature’s invisible forces. These places were respected and revered for the hidden treasure that only a few could harness and utilize for the up lifting the group consciousness. Spiritual connections and fortification of souls was considered to be the key factors of revering these energy grids.


The concept of Ley lines are an ancient phenomena and Native Americans call these spirit path while inAustralia they are known as Song Lines. Ley lines are known to transmit and receive earth energies and are found all over the world. The sacred stone shrines like theStonehenge are known to fall on these lines. Another popular destination that has marveled scientists are the Nazca Lines inPeru. Why or how these ancient men were able to complete a huge project with minimum infrastructure is amazing. They seem to fall on ley lines and some researches indicate that religious practice and shaman rituals may have been a reason for such intricate drawings.


Stonehenge is another controversial sacred stone circle, where the huge megaliths stand in a circle, giving rise to many Druid practices since the middle ages. What seems to be holding the ley lines and sacred sites together is that wherever there are indications of ley lines of energy grids, the path can be charted on a map and there seem to be a number of holy sites falling on the same path. Is this a coincidence or an ancient way of acknowledging the power of the Higher Being?


However, there are many things that scientific reasoning cannot explain. The existence of ley lines and energy grids, have been a matter of great research for a long time. Although science acknowledges that there are things beyond its reasoning like the biochemical changes that take place when at these ley lines or energy centers. They have found that even in the most arid places, these places have higher density of negatively charged ions. Looking at these unexplainable happenings from a broader perspective can be seen that some things are unexplainable and beyond reasoning.


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