what are angels?

An Introduction to Angels

Angels are pure beings of Divine Light, they are entirely trustworthy and want to help you with every area of your life.

The word Angel is derived from the Greek word angelos meaning 'Messenger', angels can be thought of as divine messengers or messengers from God.

Angels exsist on a different vibrational frequency, which is why we are unable to percieve them ordinarily. The angelic rate of vibrational frequency is more etherealised than that of current humanity. As our own frequencies start to shift, we become able to percieve the etheric realms more easily and clearly. Angels can appear to us in a myriad of ways that are personal to each individual. Many people sence their presence some hear them whilst others encounter them in dreams and visions. Angels are all around us , watching over us and we can call them at any time. Dont wait for a time of crisis or sorow before invoking them. Invite them to become a part of your everyday life. They are eagerly waiting to be called into service.

Angels are NOT part of the human stream of conciousness and have therefore never incarnated in human form and never will. Angels never become humans (although they may assume human form temporarily) and humans never evolve into angels.

Angels are genderless beings since they possess both male and female qualities. One person may percieve a particular angel or archangel as female whereas another individual will see this same being as male. They are actually androgynous beings with their masculine and feminine aspects in perfect balance.

According to several angel historians, there are three categories or spheres of angelic beings.


These angels serve as heavenly counsellors and are closet to God.

1. Seraphim

2. Cherubim

3. Thrones


These angels serve as heavenly governors.

1. Dominions

2. Virtues

3. Powers


These angels serve as heavenly messengers 1. Principalities 2. Archangels 3. Angels (most connected to the physical world).

Archangels are the eighth ranking order of angels and possibly the most widely known.

The archangels are happy to help you with all aspects of your career.


Helps those interested in environmental, nature or animal-related careers.


If your career involves grief counselling or guiding people through losses (such as working at a hospital, hospice or counselling center).


Will help you locate the career or job your seeking.


Helps teachers, journalists, writers and those who want to work with children.


Is wonderful to invoke when going out on a job interview, attending meetings or any time you want to be extra-articulate and graceful.


The archangel of beauty helps to keep the energy clean and high at your work place and to keep your thoughts about your career positive. She helps artists creative types, anyone involed in the beauty business and feng shui practitioners..


If your career involves adolescents or energetic children.


Can help you discern your lifes purpose and the next step to take in your career.


Involves relationships with clients, co-workers and mediation (such as marriage counselling).


If your in a healing career or feel guided to be a healer.


Helps with careers in thew arts, especially music.


Can illuminate your mind with wise ideas and concepts problem solving, brain storming, or important conversations.


Helps you improve your memory and hes wonderful for students or anyone who needs to remember names, figures, or other important information.

Since archangels are limitless nonphysical, they can help everyone who calls upon them simultaneously. The archangels will respond to your requests, whether they're spoken, thought, or written.


Dee Lawrence

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