It is said “life goes faster than you think”. 

How fast do you think it goes?

We do overthink, we worry about the past, about the “what if…”, we plan too much ahead and we wonder about future events. We do lose time. It is easy to forget that the only time we have is now. It is easy to waste time. We do not live alone. “Good” or “bad”, there is always noise around. Noise that easily enters our minds and navigates around, nocking your door or simply passing by.

We easily get distracted about living.

And we can change that. We only need to gain awareness. It is so simple that is so difficult to accept as real. 

Our life is only a series of moments, if we lose those moments, we lose life.

Time in physics is defined as “what a clock reads”. And I wonder, what do you read in there?

Photo: Pixabay

Time once past cannot be brought back. It is our most valuable commodity. “Time and tide wait for none”. Use it, or lose it.

Having our minds floating around the past or the future can become a reason to worry, so that fears enters and a block of bricks pull us down, into the ground, missing our “race”, missing our path, wasting our time.

Use your time wisely. Write down, evaluate, analyze, act and change what you do not like. Use your own voice. Live it up. Love. And enjoy.

Awareness is the ability to know and perceive, to feel.

It is said that time is a human construct we use to organize experience and catalog existence so we can quantify it, remember it… But still, so precious. The most precious unrenewable resource we have. Because the only time we have is now.

Time is passing. 

Did you notice? I took your time. But did you perceive? 

Maybe “life goes faster than you think”.

How fast do you think it goes?