Think Positive

Reasons to Think Positive

Everyday living has become complex with constant challenges and stress that have become a part of human life. There are many people that are struggling to hold on to damaged relationships, while there are others that are struggling to sort out their lives to find meaning for their existence. From citizens trying to bring change into the political system to those working to raise consciousness and create universal brotherhood, people have daunting challenges in their lives. Most people feel discouraged because they are of the opinion that few people cannot bring about change. This brings in feelings of hopelessness, passivity, and negativity. It stalls progress and forward movement.

However, it is important to realize that no problem is beyond your capability. Success becomes elusive due to flaws in psychological attitude, and most individuals are unaware that they have defective perspectives. When we understand this aspect, huge possibilities of social, interpersonal, individual, political, and spiritual development open up. Although people attempt doing lots of things, they cannot get much done as they have scattered mind and unfocused attention. They want to do lots of things due to sensory requirements, restlessness, and greed. When negative thoughts concentrate, it attracts negativity. This is one of the reasons that positive thought and action is the need of the hour.

Generally, people do not focus on the present. They think about memories from the past and daydream about the future. As a result, people waste lot of time, get tired, and do shoddy job. It is the mental capacity of an individual that merits attention and is a source of energy. The initial step is to be mindful and make sure that attention is more focused. Attention can be considered negative and positive; and if you consider it in the right manner, you can achieve good results. However, most people allow negative thoughts to overcome their reasoning powers. This increases their leanings towards depressive tendencies, and such people find it difficult to have a positive bend of mind. There are plenty of people who are consumed by envy and rage and imagine disasters, which in turn lead to more negativity in the mind.

Plenty of saints, including Mother, have stressed in their sermons and writings for growth of consciousness for individuals. You need to create positive thoughts with right intent and strong will. Mother noted that people let negative thoughts rule their actions and mind, which in turn is the reason for most ills. When you focus on the negative, you end up attracting it. That is why it is important to focus on positive attitude and thoughts so that you can aim for better goals. When you wish for positive things or thoughts with focus and concentration and add your faith in God, the goals are realized. If you have the will, you can make a difference. You must remember that you are not small because we carry Infinite Divinity within us. It has been mentioned in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad as “AhamBrahmasmi,” which can be translated as ‘I am the Infinite Reality.’