Spirituality at work

Spirituality and Attitude at Work

Spirituality is a state of mind and does not necessarily adhere to tenets of any religion. It is different from dogmas and rituals. It is inherent to everyone and is based on eternal law of creation. It awakens inner power as it is the essence of living and brings balance to your life. Spirituality is a collective effort; and you can experience it at your workplace, at home, or anywhere else. Being spiritual at the place of employment can benefit everyone. It works on the fundamental principle of growth, righteousness, common welfare, and wealth creation.
According to the Gita, a person should continue to perform the right actions and good deeds without the desire for benefits and with a sense of detachment. Today, the world is governed by materialistic desires and attitude; and adhering to such advice, as enumerated by the Gita, sounds impractical. However, the fact remains that ancient scriptures are right, that a detached state of mind enhances your performance and effectiveness at work. The reason is that in such state of mind, there is no stress or desire for results, which ensures that you give your best to the task. This is the Law of Karma - keep working without thinking about your gains.

The best aspect of spirituality at work is that it benefits everyone around, and the power of collective spiritual living can actually work miracles. Filling the environment with joy, you learn to live happily and let others enjoy happiness. When you have spiritual outlook, you are in a better position to judge people. You have enhanced insight and become more intuitive, which helps to find the right solution in complex business dealings. It helps you gain strength to stand with calmness and peace during bad phases, including recession in market. Every employee in the company is prepared to face the grim situation together, without losing balance or becoming nervous. It gives strength to a company as everyone pitches in with positive demeanor during trying times.

Spirituality brings about higher energy levels and increases creativity, helping each individual become fearless. Having the right attitude strengthens your approach towards the struggles of daily life and paves path for joyful journey at work. This, in turn, ignites the desire to be on the path of principle, creativity, values, and sincerity at work, without having feelings of jealousy, selfishness, and envy towards co-workers. This culls laziness and stress, and enhances productivity.

According to Swami Chinmayananda, ‘The whole cosmic world operates on cooperative action and that has to come from within each of us.’ Ancient scriptures of all religions preach the same thought and action. They preach that an individual has to be rich by righteous means, yet remain simple and lead an austere life. He or she has to be honest in thought and action and not shirk from hard work. This brings happiness and harmony, apart from evolving into an enlightened workplace. There will be sense of belongingness and feeling of ownership in each employee, and all workers will be directed towards positive work experience and thought, which enhances productivity.