Can Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?

Can Yoga help me lose weight?

The only way to shed excess fat is through strenuous, vigorous, and sweaty routines six days a week. You should burn calories non-stop so that it does not build up, right? WRONG! Let gentle yoga routines change your mind forever. Scientists have finally begun to understand that yoga, in spite of being the gentlest style, tends to make your life easier. Most importantly, it helps you lose weight. Simple practices like lying on the floor and doing some easy asanas or postures can transform your body completely. So, for those who are asking, “Can yoga help me lose weight?” the answer to this is yes, it can!

Now, you too can melt fat without breaking into sweat. Yoga is as much about different postures as it relates to increasing control of your mind over your body and habits. People experience positive results by regularly performing asanas.

Yoga will relax both your body and mind

Do you know why you are overweight? The main reason is attributable to imbalance in certain aspects of your life. One of the biggest factors for people is stress, and this makes you gain weight. Yogic positions work because they allow individuals to finally relax and switch off for the time being. Ultimately, it has a calming influence on you, and you start dealing with stress positively. This automatically decreases instances of binge eating, and you start losing extra flab naturally.

It detoxifies your body the right way

Excess weight is an indication of toxins in the body. As you get into a detoxification regime with proper yoga postures, extra calories stop bothering you. Toxicity in the body indicates improper functioning of your kidneys and liver. This, in turn, limits proper metabolic reactions and excretion of excess calories. It is no wonder that your body holds onto them and makes you appear overweight. With yoga, you will be able to tone vital organs and ensure their optimal functioning. A simple yet highly effective way of detoxification is deep breathing and doing body twists.

It releases your pent-up emotions

You will find it interesting to know that there is always an emotional component to being overweight. Emotional eating does more harm to your body than anything else does. Food helps us tone down negative emotions and makes us feel good. It suppresses and numbs feelings. Yoga acts as a tool to access these emotions and release them properly. For example, with something as simple as camel posture, you get an incredibly light feeling. These asanas help you understand the way you feel; and once you become conscious, it is easier to address these issues.

A powerful tool for healing, yoga can do wonders. You need to find a licensed yoga practitioner or look at online guides and videos to help you. So, come experience this first hand!

Watch the following video to see how to lose weight with yoga quickly.

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