Terra plana betty blue shoes

Betty Blue Terra Plana Vegan Vintage Heels

Value For Money8.5

Vegan Vintage Heels - Our Review

If you are looking for a cute pair of vegan vintage heels to dance the night away in, then you may be in luck with the Terra Plana range of shoes. Not all the brand are vegan but a lot of them are. They have a specific vegan range. This is an exciting brand with ecological ethics and an eye for beauty! With a focus on sustainable products and comfort, I have high hopes for more of a vegan focus in total from this brand. Some do prefer to buy from solely vegan avenues but this is a step towards more ethical footwear.

The Betty Blue shoes are very well made, they fit the foot nicely. They feel wonderful to the touch and have lovely stitching. The wooden heel is also quite eye-catching. Mine even came with a little bag to keep them in - attention to detail that makes you think this company are making the effort. Each pair of these particular shoes come with a donation to Greenpeace. You can find more information here on a site called Secret Sales yet Terra Plana have a low web presence I found, looking for some links for you! I do hope they become easier to find online - however there are plenty of sites where you can find their shoes and if you wish to test out your languages, I found a good offer here!



  • Recycled Material
  • Breathable
  • Heel Height: 11cm
  • Colours: Blue, Cream.


Somewhat difficult to find but well worth looking. I purchased mine in America two years ago. They get very positive comments from those who see them. They look the part and feel special to wear. These are very beautiful shoes and I would highly recommend them if you can walk or dance in 4 inch heels! To be honest, any shoes I have on come off when dancing so I can't personally vouch for their dancing abilities. I would imagine their other shoes from the vegan range would be equally as good.


Finding them may be tricky as mentioned, however there is a link above to purchase for just over 40 Euros and you may just fall across such a pair by accident so it is good to have the awareness.

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