So welcome to the finer details of this partnership agreement. If you find yourself here then you are interested in being one of the partners in the business.

In order for this to work for all of us it is recommended that you write two articles or yoga poses a month. However, some months can be more hectic than others so don't worry if you don't manage 2 a month. Remember, you only get paid for the number of words you write. You must have at least 6 articles/poses in order to get paid. This is to stop people changing their mind after a few articles and then me having to work out their tiny percentage of the profits.

As the founder and creator I receive 20% profit.

All decisions regarding the direction of the business are down to the long time partners. We will implement a voting system for deciding key issues. You must have been a partner for a year in order qualify as a long term partner.

You can leave at any time and still receive your profit share. You can also take a break and come back later.

Profit will be shared bi-annually and then monthly once we have pure profit over £5000 a month.

Profit Example:

Jane wrote 12000 words, Dan wrote 10000 words, Jena wrote 6000 words.

Total words: 28000

Jane wrote 45.85%  Dan wrote 35.71%  Jena wrote 21.42%

Total profit was £9000

Jane receives £4126.5 Dan receives £3213.9 and Jena receives £1927.8

You must write at least 3000 words a year. This equates to around 6 articles.  If you do not then your place will be given to someone else and your current profit will be paid to you.  You will still continue to receive profit for the next 2 years after you leave.

Our aim is to be the one of the largest international yoga websites. Once we hit over 500 page views a day we will contact the major players in the yoga market and source their products for sale. Before this though we must write good articles and yoga poses.

I will release a training video soon that gives information on how to very easily create a articles from scratch and also how to decide what to write about.

I have been doing a lot of SEO work so that I am ready to propel the website forward once we have enough articles. You see, Google likes good content, that is useful to the reader. It also like a lot of it. What I have produced is something unique. No one is doing yoga articles in this format. Some of the top ranking sites are awful with very little content.

There are a lot of sites out there talking about yoga but they are run by individuals who are trying to make a little income from their blog or website. And they are making a bit of money yes. However, if we pool our resources and have say 6 people writing for our website then we will blow the competition out of the water. We will be one of the largest yoga websites on the net. Our brand will grow and we will be known.

It is at this point that we monetise. With good traffic we can sell banner ads for good money. We can accept guest articles with a link back for a fee. There are about 10 great monetising methods that I won't go into until we are fully functional. The reason for this is if I tell everyone my secrets they might just go and do the same with a team of friends and then we have some competition.

As the website will be multi national we will be finding people from across the globe especially as we grow in size.  If you know anyone else who would be interested in this partnership then please ask them to contact me.  Countries we want writers from include USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.