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When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." - Howard Schultz

Welcome to the 'Even More About Yoga' business partnership information page.  If you find yourself here you are either keen on yoga,  a skilled copywriter, or an internet entrepreneur.   Either way you are interested in making money by doing the things you love.  You are probably shifting away from working for "The Man" and want to earn money without lining the pockets of corporations.  I haven't worked for "The Man" since 2006 and haven't done a full weeks work for 10 years.  That is because I have created money earning streams that allow me to be my own boss and do the things I want to do in life.

Before I start please do not discuss the details of this page with anyone as I will be revealing part of a business model that is making millions on the internet for many other like  minded people.  I have spent years researching and fine tuning my process of creating money making websites and I keep a lot of my methods hidden as the last thing we want is 100's of others using the same model for our niche and taking a large slice of the pie.

I recently sold a website for $1000 that took only a few hours to setup.  I also made a small income from the website over the years.  This was a very small project and the website only had 5 pages.  There are already hundreds of websites out there with masses of content that are earning hundreds and thousands a week.   There are entrepreneurs out there that create websites day in a day out and then sell them online to people that want to start a business without starting from scratch.  Some of these websites sell for £10000 because they spent a bit of time creating them with the right knowledge.

Now imagine a partnership creating a website with content from multiple sources in one of the fastest growing niches on the internet.

How to make money  from a website?

Like any business you need customers.  Because of Google's complex algorithm it is difficult to get to the top of Google for the product or service you are selling or even just getting your blog seen. The secret to getting to the top of google is to create quality content.  This means content that is of great use to the readers that find the website.  Google also likes LOTS of quality content.  From years of experience I know what Google expects as quality content. I have recently started building a website that reviews products. I already have organic traffic from Google with only 8 reviews.  I will soon be starting a partnership with that website too.  This business model is working and with the right people can be huge.  Money earning streams include courses, video advertising, insurance, and products for sale.

So why Yoga?  I only choose niche markets that are of interest to me. There's nothing worse than writing content for something that you have no interest in.  Yoga is also one of the highest trending niches on the internet.  This means there are thousands of searches each day in a market that is dominated by only a few big players.  This means it will be relatively easy to get on to the first page on google where most of internet traffic comes from.  This isn't the only source of traffic though and I will talk more about that later.

Below you can see a graph from Google Trends that shows how Yoga is massive compared to some of the other related niches.  The peaks you can see are all in January where the majority of people get that health kick.


What is required from each partner?

If you choose to become a partner you will have to create content in order to earn money.  There will be a maximum of 10 partners each having a share based on how much content they produce.  This means the more content you produce the more you can earn.  It also means that if you want 6 months out or out altogether you will still earn money from the content you already produced.  Profit share will be worked out on number of page hits so writing good articles is key.

The type of content required can be found on our biggest competitors and

If you look at the content here on this website you will see I have already created some quality content.  Something that is big in the yoga keywords search  is 'Asanas'.  People regularly search for how to do yoga poses properly.  It is important for any yoga website to have these.  Articles that are related to yoga and other related niches are also required in order to keep a slight diversity and attract people from other niches.

Another important source is yoga videos.  You will receive profit directly from each video you make if you choose to. This is not mandatory.  YouTube can track how much each video makes.  The more views your video gets the more it earns.  You may be wondering why you can't just list your own videos and make the money yourself.  The key to making money through YouTube is to have a lot of quality videos.  I know how the algorithm works that gets videos to the top of YouTube searches.  A popular misconception is that this is based on number of views.  It is actually minutes watched as a percentage.  This is why we will be creating videos that give great information from start to finish.   We will also be creating a large library and this is exactly what search engines love.

A very successful woman in the video market is Kino with over 300000 subscribers.  Her videos are not professionally made yet give good advice.

How our competitors are making money:

Insurance -

Classes -

Videos -

Shop - Yoga Journal sell via

Yoga Directory -

Some things to consider in a partnership are:

Decision Making