Your Aura: Strengths and Boundaries

Strengthen Your Aura

An exercise in self awareness and love - by Summer Meadow Phillips

For all intents and purposes here it does not matter if we refer to the general space surrounding our bodies, the bio-field, the aura or just the general sense of what we give out and what we allow in. For this exercise we will refer to this collectively as the aura. So allow this to mean whatever it will to help you.

We are working with the idea of a sense of energy around us, both enabling protection and radiation. Protection from energies that are not helpful to us and radiation of our energies that are willing to be shared in love. No need to get wrapped up in this idea just keep an open mind.

When we talk of love it is also useful to discuss the aura and how we can use it for a deeper sense of wellbeing, to be able to both receive and give love as well as have the idea of it flowing all around us and through us.


First of all, to get a sense of this, let’s take a little exercise.


Close the eyes and breathe deeply yet comfortably into the body. Can you feel where the breath creates space in the body? Watch the breath for a few cycles and feel into it.

Then take your focus to the ends and edges of the body. Can you feel the tips of the toes, the soles of the feet, the tips of the fingers, the top of the head?

Can you feel the circumference of the body? Can you feel the back of the body? The front?

The take your focus to maybe a centimetre outside of the edges of the body. Can you feel a sense of yourself in this space? Your energy? It is what some of us call our personal space – that space we may not like some people coming into (or ‘invading’).

If able take this attention or sensing even further out, maybe a few more centimetres, almost like sensing the self surrounded by a bubble. Breathe and send your focus into this area around you.

The relax back and open your eyes.


How did that feel? Chances are you now feel somewhat more spacious.

If not, try and practice this more until you feel really comfortable with the idea and this should come to you.

This is a good exercise to take any time you feel you need space – from a situation or emotion or pretty much anything else.


Often we can feel a ‘closing in’, this can be heard in phrases such.. ‘It’s falling in on me’,  ‘I feel crushed’ and so on. By creating a sense of space we physically expand into the space thus relaxing the muscles. We mentally create space as the mind is focusing on the exercise and not on everyday thoughts and also we can create emotional space to breathe and be with an emotion instead of trying to repress it or rush through it.


This exercise is taken from the Soul Love course by Inner Wisdom Movement. More details and meditations can be found on Summer's website at

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