Warrior Two - Virabhadrasana II

Ease of posture9
Hip Opener10
A pose with more to offer than you think!

Warrior Two - Virabhadrasana II - Information

My mantra for this pose is 'Look to the future, learn from the past, live in the present'. Warrior Two is a dynamic pose and at first it may appear quite static and even boring yet once you can fall into it as such and hang in the posture, you begin to notice a whole lot going on. The open hips can bring a sense of opening emotionally and the breath begins to deepen in the chest. Sigh out if you like as you feel a release in yourself. Allow the stillness.

I also often add Jnana Mudra (hand positions) on the hand being gazed over. Jnana mudra  = human and cosmic consciousness, an uplifting mudra which re-channels the energy in the body to create a feeling of spaciousness and wellbeing. To do this, turn the palm up and touch the index finger to the thumb. Traditionally both palms face down yet turning the hand you are looking over can give a sense of receptivity, which I find gives the pose true balance. Yet as I always suggest, sense into the posture yourself with your inner guidance and see what it brings you.


Warrior Two - Virabhadrasana II - Instructions Step by Step

Step 1warrior

Open the legs and turn one foot to the side. Turn the other foot in a little too (around 45* is sufficient). Bend the leg of the most rotated foot, not allowing knee further forward than the ankle. Legs roll away from each other, keeping the groin area open. Upper body sits centrally over the hips, chest lifted, core in, shoulders low.

Step 2

Arms extend to either side like they are resting along an imaginary wall.

Step 3

Allow the hips to drop away from the crown of the head, maintaining a strong positive stance. Gaze out over the arm of the bent knee, if this is comfortable for the neck.


Opens hips, works legs and ankles. Opens chest and shoulders. Aids digestion and increases stamina. Relieves sciatica.


Digestive issues, neck stiffness (don't turn the head).


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