opening the third eye

Understand More About Opening Of the Third Eye

Your Third Eye is your sixth sense, a power to see the potential; and you can develop it better to gain a refined sense of consciousness. Systematic and deep breathing techniques bring awareness to body, and sustained focus on breathing is similar to meditation or prayers. Having breath of life is a gift, and you can center on what lies next as you hone the sense. The Third Eye is present in everyone; and as per Shamanic teachings, it is considered as ‘meta’ organ that includes all of the senses and your mind working as single powerful sense organ.

Purpose of Third Eye

You can use the Third Eye for variety of different purposes. The seers have been answering questions and helping others see patterns in their lives. The best aspect about Third Eye is that it reveals patterns of your life by placing information as the top layer of senses. Most clairvoyant and energy workers feel another layer of energy around them that gives them insight into the powers of Third Eye. Though everyone feels the powers of Third Eye, you feel it too when you empathize with others as you connect with emotions of other people and you feel the same.

Visual sense through Third Eye

You can visually interpret energy fields around us through the Third Eye. Although you can see motion all around us, the Third Eye can visually help you see more than the usual. Energy can be seen more as mental overlay than just a concept in everyday life. You have higher intuitive sense that can be further developed to sense and interact with energies in a deeper sense. Even though you are unable to see energy directly, you are able to interact and interpret different forms of energies with ease mentally as the Third Eye processes information and overlays it over our other senses, thus making it easy to do it.


Accessing the powers of the Third Eye through meditation is the easiest way to hone your skills. Though it can be misjudged as mystical powers, it has the power to predict and see events, processes, and prospects that may not be present but do exist. As everyone sees things differently, it can be difficult to explain visual images, messages, or feelings that you experience. One such example of information overlay is human aura. You have the capability to see it through your Third Eye, but it exists at different frequency, so not everyone can literally see it.

However, you do feel a sense of comfort or discomfort when you meet someone new for the first time. This is because energies are being picked up as patterns. There are different layers to any situation or person. What you perceive from clues is partly the information you receive. It can appear mysterious that energy can manifest as auras or energies, but it is actually dependent on the skill level of individuals.