Spiritual practices to help transform your life

Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Life

At some point in your life, you must have suffered from anger, anxiety, and stress; and even though they might have helped you mature as a person, it is known that suffering is reason for personal transformation. However, another perspective is that suffering is needless and can be eliminated. The question is, how do you reduce stress and suffering from your life and have only consciousness and awareness about your own self and surroundings. Detailed below are four practices that can help you get hold over your life and mind. The core of our being is spirituality, as meditation can deepen our awareness about spiritual part of life. It helps in guiding your life with zest and grace.

#1: Take few seconds off

The mind works constantly and ponders over issues you are facing in your life with the sole motive of arriving at resolution; however, the fact is that you can take few moments off and not think about anything. Even though it is difficult, it is justifiable to program your mind to not think about issues at hand for at least few seconds. You must tell yourself that you will not think about it for next few seconds, and it is just a pattern to whatever thought arises in your mind. Now, you can do this few times every day and learn to relax.

#2: Be in the now

You can allow your mind to daydream all day, thinking about ‘what ifs’ and how to resolve issues; however, that is not reality and situations are very different. Even though those thoughts can be convincing, they are just voices in your mind that are concerned with past and future. It has no relevance to the present. Thus, if you focus on the now, you become a person that is grateful about being alive, noticing the small wonders that each day brings with it, even though you may face difficulties. This is what spirituality is all about. Saying prayers or having positive thoughts help. You should just be there and be aware of things concerning you.

#3: Select mind activity

You must pay attention to how it feels to select a thought when you think about something of your interest. It is best to think about positive thoughts, just like you think about your favourite things. It helps you feel good as you program your mind to wean away from stressful and negative thoughts. You need to willfully create opportunities in your pattern of thinking that introduce positive thoughts. As feelings of satisfaction and positivity increase, you become more productive and energetic.

#4: Consciousness with every action

You should attempt bringing about consciousness with each action and even to those that you treat as mundane and means to a goal. Our obsession with the next moment and future takes away most thoughts as if the present does not matter and only the future holds importance. Thus, you must bring about conscious effort with your every thought and action.