Vegan Dunlop Canvas Pumps

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You're never too old for a good pair of pumps!

Arrghhh. This is why I shouldn't write for blogs! I thought I'd review these vegan canvas pumps as I just love them. As a woman I have quite big feet - size 8 to be precise - and normal pumps often look a bit daft on me, just very long and flat - the old boat feet syndrome. So I love these as they are ankle pumps and I can buy many shoes like these from sites as They look cool with jeans and leggings and long floaty skirts and likely more besides. So good that when I was looking for a nice image to go along with this post rather than a tatty one of my well used but still in good nick ones I saw that they also did them in fire I bought another pair! Darn you blogging.

Having said that...


They are a steal! These ones in Burgundy are £15 at the time of looking and the fire red ones £16.99. I paid £4.99 for delivery to my local store and then I get a fiver voucher. I know Sports Direct have had some criticism so it may not be your ethical choice yet if you are on a budget and need a great pair of fashion pumps, you can't go wrong with these.

Get them here!


Simple. Cute. Cheap.

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