How To Take Your Yoga Practice With You Everywhere

Bring Awareness to Your Body

Yoga is not something we could easily we could slip into our every day lives.  The asanas cause us to become aware of our bodies.  it is this awareness however that we can bring into our daily routine.  By becoming aware of posture and alignment where ever we are for instance.  Throughout your day you can become aware of your alignment as you sit, walk, lean, and stretch throughout the day.

If you are sitting then be sure your spine is straight.  When you are walking be aware of your posture.  If you have to lean over to get something be aware and correct any over straining.  If you have to stretch up to reach something on a shelf be aware of your breath as you do it.  Become conscious of your movement and correct yourself if you are hunching your shoulders, or arching your back in a negative way.

The more you become aware of your bad posture habits the more you will learn how to release the tension and relax those parts of your body that you are more inclined to mistreat.

Become Aware of Your Breath

Our breath is the one thing we need constantly to remain alive, yet outside of yoga class we rarely notice it. During the day, check in with yourself and become aware of your breath the same way you do during yoga class.

Be aware of how fast you are drawing air into your body and how deep each breath is, as this can be a good indicator of how stressed you are. By becoming aware of our breath we are able to control it, which will in turn relax our body and mind. In particular, whenever uncomfortable sensations, emotions, or situations arise be  sure to take deep breaths , as breathing through uncomfortable feelings allows us to relax.  Try starting the day by taking a few long and deep breaths.

Take Some Time To Nurture Yourself

In our busy world, practicing yoga gives us a much needed time to become aware and nurture ourselves. When we are in this space, we allow ourselves to relax and generate all of the strength we need. Take time during your day to think about you.  Become aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Concentrate on your best values.  Think about how far you have come on your journey.  Give yourself gratitude.  Some days wake early and do a powerful yoga pose and empower yourself.  At night do an intimate yoga sequence and bring your attention to yourself and the love that you are feeling for yourself.

Be inventive with these 3 steps and do whatever works for you.

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